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Travel Genius – Getting Cheap Flights to Harare in Peak Season

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With the onset of holiday season in Zimbabwe, two things happen simultaneously, smiles go wide and fares go high. If you are not a native, a settler or a holiday maker than you will understand what I mean. At times it makes me wonder why they price fares and flights so low when no one is travelling! When majority wants to fly, so flies the fare…sky high.

 Low Cost Flight Fares

However it is still possible to get cheap flights to Harare Zimbabwe, by following a few simple rules:

  1. Don’t believe your friend when they tell you, oh I got this fare so low. Don’t let it burn your heart for they may not be travelling in the same season, dates or airline as you did.
  2. Always compare airfares, yeah that’s right. But when comparing airfares compare the standards of service and airline ranking as well. Or instance a two star airline selling tickets in 400 GBP sounds too good, but getting your baggage a week later and stuffing yourself in a ‘stone age’ air bus and than having to pay for food, may cost you more than actually flying with a 5 star or 4 star airlines.
  3. Reviews are good; they are made to be read. But have you ever heard the word “Propaganda”, if not than check the reviews for your favorite airline or agency and you will be astonished to read how awful they are. While actually you must have not experienced anything like that. The point is, Reviews are more of a publicity and propaganda campaign between companies and competitors.
  4. You are not buying your tickets and waiting for the Last Minute cheap flights to Zimbabwe? Get alive dear, cause those good old days are gone. Last minute reservation means no seats and high fares in Peak Season plus, it also means no options. You have to take what you get no matter how it is. So for a real good fare and to make big saving on your flights to Harare, better book in advance.
  5. Have you ever seen the ghost called ‘terms and conditions’ better see it before you book with a new company? The T&C page is often available to be read online at company websites. Spare a few minutes and go through it so you know the catch before getting caught yourself. 

Travel Smart – Save Big.