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Air Zimbabwe Pilot Strike Update: Regional Schedule Resumes

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As stated in a recent press release from Air Zimbabwe board and management, the company informs its customers that, although negotiations are underway between the pilots and the airline, it is doing its best to restore functions to normal.

So far, only one regional route with Air Zimbabwe has been restored. The company has announced its flights to Harare, Zimbabwe and South African city Johannesburg. to resume next week. It will offer flights on this route next Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with the same old schedule given in the normal flight plan, unless announced otherwise.

For the tickets that are cancelled in the past or those Air Zimbabwe flights dates that are falling on the days of the pilot strike, passengers are entitled to get their ticket payments refunded.

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The Refund process is designed so that customers are informed by their travel agents or the airline whose flight was canceled and provided with re-routing or replacement tickets or full refund options where possible.

If a refund is applicable, travel agents can apply for reimbursement of payment to their clients. The process takes time of 6 to 8 weeks for the payment recovery. The Airline policy states in this regard that travel agencies will be reimbursed in a longer period compared with the reservation directly booked with the air lines, and that the company will take 6-8 weeks to return the money to concerned consolidators or agents for reimbursements to their clients.

Air Zimbabwe also apologized for the inconvenience and requested patience from its customers as there are a lot of phone calls and pressure at this time.

For more latest information on the Air Zimbabwe flight cancellations, Pilot strike, resuming regional routes and refunds please contact your travel agent or airline directly. Read more