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Air Zim – The National Carrier of This Beautiful Country

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If you intend to travel to Africa this year with your family then the place to go for is Zimbabwe. The capital of this wonderful nation is Harare and the national air carrier that brings many passengers throughout the year that take flights to Zimbabwe is Air Zimbabwe. This country full of natural beauty provides the tourists with a number of attractions which are for every age group. Victoria Falls is a place which is quite famous around the globe for its spectacular sights.

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All around the falls there are ample places to stop by and view the beautiful Victoria Falls from there. The Devils Pool is such a place which is truly different from most other view points in the vicinity. The adventure lovers and the people who like to go through challenges will surely find this place to be the best place for them. In the forest alongside the falls is a route that gives out amazing sights. Lookout Tree and the Falls Bridge are more points by which the falls appear to be awesome.

This year don’t forget to take discount airfares to Harare with your loves ones as there are many promotional fares available throughout the year. Most of the airlines provide with Zimbabwe flights around the year.