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[April 20, 2011] Good News ! Air Zim Flights to Resume from Tonight

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This news was published on April 20, 2011. Subscribe to our news feed to for updates on Latest Air Zimbabwe staff’s Strike Air Zimbabwe is pleased to announce that the pilot strike has ended and flights from Harare to London (flight number UM 724) for tonight and from London to Harare, flight number UM 725 […]

Best time to visit Zimbabwe – HIFA 2011

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If you are flying to Zimbabwe in April, it is the perfect time to visit the HIFA Festival. The word HIFA, is abbreviation of “Harare International Festival of Arts”. This is the largest national festival which has now turned into an international event. The festival attracts great attention from western media as well as UNESCO, […]

‘Scair Zimbabwe’ and other tourist delights

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There has been much hype in the Zim government press over the coming 2010 world cup, with Ministers and their lackeys drivelling on about the (highly unrealistic) expected influx of tourists. Of course there will be some spill over from the soccer frenzy, but sadly most of it will take the form of tourists flying […]