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Zimbabwe is one of the fortunate African countries to have its own flagship and direct flights “Air Zimbabwe”.

Air Zimbabwe also referred as “Air Zim” is headquartered in capital city, Harare and connects the country with Southern Africa, Asia and England. Flights to Zimbabwe from London are the most popular route of Air Zimbabwe. Every Monday and Thursday, Air Zimbabwe Flight flies form London Gatwick Airport to Harare International Airport offering cheap flights to Zimbabwe and affordable air fares. The return flights of Air Zimbabwe take off on Wednesday and Sundays, from Harare International Airport to Gatwick London.   Here are some interesting facts and information about your favorite airline:

  • Flying Days: The flight times of Air Zimbabwe flight from London Gatwick is departure 18:25, with next day arrival at Harare Airport in early morning (Monday / Thursdays).  Other than that the flight times are usually in evening.
  • On the way back from Harare, Air Zimbabwe flies (Wednesday and Sundays). The return flights of Air Zimbabwe on the are scheduled in such a way that they fly out around 09 in the morning arriving London Gatwick around 06:30 in the evening ideally suiting those planning to go to work next day.
  • Airline Baggage Allowance: The maximum hand luggage allowed in Air Zimbabwe flight is 08 kilos. However the check in baggage allowance varies from destination to destination and season as well. On an average the flight departure from London are allowed 20 Kilos in Economy and 30 Kilos in Business class. The regional and domestic flights also allow the same limitation.
  • Airline Policy: What makes Air Zimbabwe one of the most convenient and customer friendly airline is the flexibility in terms and conditions such as “free date changes” and easy cancellation.
  • Plane Craft and Flight Numbers: The airline has a three digit Flight Number with Airline Code “UM”, the flight numbers are usually of 200, 300 and 700 series. Plane / Flight Number: Air Zimbabwe uses Boeing 737-200 air planes for domestic and short haul services (Total planes: 3 capacity 105), Boeing 767-200 is used in International Flights (total planes: 2 seating capacity 230) and Xian Ma60 for domestic flights (total 3: capacity 60).
  • The Seating Map: it is 2:3:2 layout with a traditional interior in the international carrier planes Boeing 737-200.
  • Children on Air Zimbabwe: The accompanied Children aged between 2-11 years get 25 percent discount, while Infant without a seat, gets 90 % off and a 12 KG baggage to himself. While unaccompanied minors between 8 to 11 years only get a 25 percent off and have to pay the chaperon’s service of 20 GBP each way. Unaccompanied minors between 5 to 7 years have to pay an adult fare along with the chaperon service fee per segment of flight in order to be well taken care of.
  • Harare, Johannesburg to Victoria Falls: Air Zimbabwe’s most favorite routes include the Direct flights to Victoria Falls from Harare and Johannesburg.. There are three flights of Air Zimbabwe from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday’s departure; from Harare to Victoria Falls usually there are morning flights that take approximately 2 hours to reach Victoria Falls.
  • Victoria Falls to Bulawayo: Air Zimbabwe flies Direct from Victoria Falls to Bulawayo on Tuesdays and Thursdays at around 03 in the afternoon arriving in an hour. The return flights from Bulawayo to Victoria Falls are also on Tuesdays and Thursday leaving around 10:45 am.
  • Johannesburg to Bulawayo: It is an enormously popular route among Western Travelers. Direct flights from Johannesburg to Bulawayo leave on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and Monday at around 02 in the afternoon. Other than that the flight flies via Victoria Falls to Bulawayo.

The flight route also include Air Zimbabwe or Air Zimbabwe code share flights to and from Lusaka, Kuala Lumpur, Kinshasa, Lumberbashi, Mabuj Mayi, Gaborone, Lilongwe and Beijing.