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Is a nonstop flight the same as a direct flight?
No. A nonstop flight operates between two airports without calling at any other airports en route. A direct flight, for instance from London to Auckland, may have one or more touchdowns en route, although these are not shown on the ticket. In some cases passengers may be asked to leave the aircraft, or even pass through immigration, at these touchdown points.
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What is the difference between charter flights and scheduled flights?
A charter flight is generally an aircraft chartered by a holiday company, and may operate once or twice a week to various destinations. Most of the seats are sold as part of a package including accommodation sold by the holiday company, but many holiday companies now sell some of the seats without ground arrangements. A scheduled flight is operated and marketed by the airline in its own right, to a regular, published schedule. As the charter flights are for holiday makers they tend to be cheaper but this is reflected in the on board service (meals and drinks are not always included) and seats tend to have slightly less legroom.
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What is an e-ticket?
An e-ticket is an electronic ticket. It contains all the information shown on a paper ticket, but is stored as an electronic record in the airline's computer system. When the e-ticket has been issued, the passenger simply needs to print out their receipt / itinerary showing the booking reference. At the departure airport the passenger goes straight to the airline check-in desk. The main benefits to the passenger are that the e-tickets cannot be lost; there is no need to queue for tickets at the airport, and itinerary changes (where permitted by the airline) can be handled more easily. This form of ticketing is becoming widespread, and the International Air Transport Association are aiming for 100% implementation of e-ticketing worldwide by the end of 2007.
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What is an open jaw?
An open jaw occurs where a passenger departs from one airport, and returns from and/or to another airport. For example London - Harare / Harare - Manchester, London - Harare / Bulawayo - London, London - Harare / Bulawayo - Manchester. To check availability for an open jaw scheduled flight, contact our sales representative on our number .
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If I book by phone will I be charged a booking fee?
The online price will be honored for telephone bookings, depends upon the availability of seats.
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How will I know when my booking is confirmed?
If you have booked a scheduled flight, you will receive an email acknowledgment from us shortly afterwards that we have received the booking. When the booking reaches our ticketing staff, the card details are checked and payment taken. When your tickets have been issued, you receive a further email showing your ticket numbers.
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Can I pay for a flight for someone else, even if I'm not traveling?
You can book with Air Zimbabwe UK  on behalf of a friend, relative, employee, etc. Please note that we will require the name of the cardholder (as it appears on the card) and correct billing address to which card statements are sent. We do need latest Statement and scanned copy of the both sides of  debit or Credit Card being used for payment of flights. If this information is not provided it could delay the issue of your tickets. Air Zimbabwe UK take cardholder security very seriously and we reserve the right to reject any booking if we are not satisfied that the cardholder has given permission for the transaction.
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What if I want to make a booking for more than six passengers / a group booking?
In the first instance Email your requirements or call us on . We will try to find suitable flights, and can then contact the airline or tour operator to confirm the availability and price. Please note that With scheduled flights, we advise against making several small bookings for groups of 10 passengers or more, since some airlines may identify groups and reject the bookings. Normally the group fares offered by airlines mean that each member of the party pays the same fare, and in some cases the group fares offer more flexibility if details need to be changed.
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What if I want to return from / to a different airport?
Air Zimbabwe UK  Allows you to book 'open jaw' scheduled flights. To check availability for an open jaw scheduled flight, contact our sales representative at 0207 993 8765.
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Where can I find your Terms & Conditions?
To view our Terms and Conditions Click Here
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How can I pay?
Air Zimbabwe UK can accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa (including Visa Debit and Visa Electron). for more details of payment modes consult our Payment Section on Booking Conditions Page.
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Can I book now and just pay a deposit?
For many flights, Air Zimbabwe UK   are happy to accept a deposit if you book more than 10 weeks in advance of travel. The amount of the deposit will be advised at the time of booking. The full balance would then be payable 10 weeks before departure.
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Are my card details safe?
Yes, all the information you provided to Air Zimbabwe UK  will only be used for booking purpose only and will not be disclose to any person or company.
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Is there an extra charge for paying by credit card?
Air Zimbabwe UK  are pleased to accept debit and credit cards. On flight bookings there is a 3% fee for credit card payments.
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How can I cancel a booking and request a refund?
For booking cancellation and refund details please consult our Booking Conditions
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Can I change the name on a ticket?
If you wish to make a name change, please contact us and we will try to help. Most scheduled airlines do NOT permit name changes. If a name change is possible, additional charges normally apply.
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Can I use only the return part of my ticket?
If you do not turn up for your outbound flight, most airlines now automatically record this as a 'no-show' and cancel any onward or return flights. In some cases it may be possible to keep the return flight - call us on and we will confirm the airline's policy.
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Can i change my travel dates?
Please consult Booking Terms and Conditions. If your ticket does permit changes, the airline sometimes charge an amendment fee. In addition, Air Zimbabwe UK normally make a service charge  to revalidate or reissue your ticket.
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How long do refunds take to process?
With refunds on scheduled flights, Air Zimbabwe UK often have to apply to the airline for authority to refund; the time taken varies between airlines but can often take 10 weeks or more.
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The name on my ticket does not exactly match my passport. What should I do?
Most airlines require that the first name and surname on your ticket match the first name and surname on your passport. Please remember that it is not possible to include spaces or punctuation marks in names on tickets, so do not worry if these do not show on the ticket. If there is a spelling error on your tickets, or if the first name and surname shown do not match your passport, let us know as soon as you can - we may be able to help. With the majority of scheduled airlines name changes are not permitted and it may be necessary to cancel your booking (paying any applicable cancellation charges) and make a new booking in the correct name.
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My ticket does not show my middle name – does it matter?
The majority of airlines simply require that the first name and surname shown on your ticket match the first name and surname shown on your passport.
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When will I receive my tickets?
For scheduled flight bookings, tickets are issued as soon as we have verified your card details and taken payment. This is usually within 3 working days of the booking being made. E-tickets will then be sent to your email address. The delivery time for paper tickets will vary according to whether you select Recorded Delivery (up to 7 days) or Special Delivery (normally delivered next working day).
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Will I receive paper tickets or e-tickets?
For scheduled flight bookings an e-ticket will be issued whenever this facility exists. If you have booked but not been given a choice of delivery options, an e-ticket will be emailed to you. Where an e-ticket is not possible, you will be given a choice of how you would like the tickets to be sent (and the relevant postage and packing charges). Note that Air Zimbabwe UK can only send tickets to addresses in the UK.
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What should I do if I lose my tickets?
If you lose your tickets, notify Air Zimbabwe UK as soon as possible by emailing us, or calling .We will do our best to help. It is oftenpossible to arrange for replacement tickets tobe issued at the airport, but there may be anadditional charge for this service.
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Do I still need to reconfirm my flights?
For scheduled flights, Air Zimbabwe UK recommends that you reconfirm each flight 72hrs prior to departure. For some airlines this is a compulsory requirement, but it is a good idea anyway as it gives us a chance to advise you of any last minute changes to your itinerary. To reconfirm your booking, you can call us on or email our Sales Department We also recommend that you do the same on the return by contacting your airline locally.
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What is my baggage allowance?
Baggage allowances do vary according to the airline you are traveling with and the destination. The following is a guideline only - exceptions do exist. Most airlines still use the weight system, allowing you to check-in 20kgs of luggage (economy class). The allowance is normally 30kgs in business class and 40kgs in first class. Scheduled transatlantic flights often still use the 'piece' system, normally allowing each passenger to check-in two pieces of luggage (maximum weight per piece varies between 20-32 kgs). For health and safety reasons items of luggage weighing over 32kgs will not be accepted. Infants are not normally entitled to a luggage allowance. In addition, each passenger may carry one piece of hand luggage, subject to certain weight and size restrictions. Certain articles may not be carried in hand baggage. Excess baggage is normally charged for, and is only carried subject to space being available on your flight.
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