Air Zimbabwe FLEET

Air Zimbabwe is the countries largest passenger carrier. From its early days in the 1980 when it started with four B707 aircraft, it today is extremely proud of one of the most modern fleets in Africa. Together with a state of the art engineering base capable of maintaining not only its own aircraft but other Southern African airlines as well, Air Zimbabwe is the envy of Southern Africa.

Boeing 767 - 200ER
  • Operates regional and international flights
  • 30 Business 173 Economy Class passengers on regional flights.
  • 30 Business 167 Economy Class passengers on international flights.
  • Operated by 2 cockpit and 9 cabin crew
  • Fuel capacity of 77,000kgs / 96,250litres
  • Cruise range of 12,474kms / 6,930NM
  • Pratt & Whitney 4056 engines
  • Wingspan - 156 feet 4 inches

Boeing 737 - 200 ADVANCED SERIES
  • Operates regional and domestic flights
  • 12 Business Class and 93 Economy Class passengers.
  • 2 cockpit and 4 cabin crew
  • Maximum fuel capacity of 15,700kgs / 19,240litres
  • Cruise range of 3,240km / 1,800NM
  • Pratt & Whitney JT8D - 17A engines
  • Wingspan - 93 feet


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